This article has been prompted by increasing requests for warranty repairs.

Selling coffee machines as well as buying a coffee machine is not as straightforward as one would expect.

Machines are brought without a warranty by the company importing them and it’s the company selling the machine to the end user who is responsible for the warranty.

This is all well and good except many companies are what are termed as box movers, that is they just sell products without the facilities to service or repair machines or the knowledge to do so, all well and good until something goes wrong and the end user is the one with the problem.

This also applies to imports and there are several who import from Europe and what the ones importing outside of Europe, what they don’t say is their is import duty to pay on top when the machine arrives on your door step.

These companies not only ruin the machines value they also ruin the machines reputation, they are sold without the ability to offer a service and without enough profit to cover warranties, admittedly it’s a good gamble on their behalf as Lelit are very reliable and problems are an extremely small percentage of sales, however not all components are manufactured by Lelit so problems can arise and as sales grow even the smallest percentage can build.

So can we ask you to please be aware that a bargain is not always a good choice, if it looks too good it generally is too good.

Lelit-UK will not undertake warranties for machines supplied by other companies, it is not fair to us to do so.

Below is an email which I have removed the customers details for his privacy and data protection.


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Lelit-UK is the only one that sells  and offers after sales service, too.

If you buy it in amazon or elsewhere, you'll have the problem of the after sale/warranty service.

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