Water tank: 2,7 l, Coffee/water/steam pump: 15 bar, Dimensions LxDxH: 22,5x27x38 cm, Boiler heating element: 1000W, Voltage: 230V 50Hz – 120V 60Hz, Weight: 7,4 kg, Delivered with: 1, 2 cups filters, pod filter and blind filter

Lelit Victoria PL91T



The VIP range is the family of espresso machines where we concentrated the best of technology and design.

Harmonious lines, innate elegance and accurate choice of materials and finishing make this Lelit line a piece of furniture and a superb espresso machine.

Our LCC (electronic control system) that rules the parameters for brewing a coffee is a treat: this line is a must for those who expect an exceptional Espresso with a world class visual effect.

Fully inclusive





Lelit coffee machines

LCC (Lelit Control Centre) is the new brain of Lelit espresso machines. It appears with a new LCD graphic display of the latest generation and enhances a system for controlling all the machine functions and giving precious advice to get excellent results.

The user interface, that rules the display, the lighting of the new stainless steel switches and of the manometer, constantly communicates the machine status, the set parameters and gives suggestions to get the best result for the desired function.

In short provides consistency so every espresso shot is the same quality.

Coffee slide is the new Lelit spout (pat. pending.) to better accompany/guide the coffee into the cup and actively contribute in the espresso creation.

Progressive inclination, slide length and open surfaces are masterfully calibrated to get the best possible result.

The bent slide, oriented towards the user, enables one to fully enjoy the sight of the espresso that flows gently into the cup.

The geometry of construction grants the same excellent result both in the single cup as well as for the double espresso in two cups.

Victoria PL91T 58mm Filter Holder.